[Getdp] freezing permeability in non linear magnetostatic simulations

Luigi Alberti luigi.alberti at unipd.it
Mon Oct 12 12:37:38 CEST 2009

Dear list and users,
I'm trying to use GetDP to solve a magnetostatic non linear problem.
Starting from the wiki example ,my experiment run good.

Now I want to do a further steps in the simulation.
I want to freeze the permeability of main system to that achieved by the 
non linear solution
and to run another simulation with eddy current (magnetodynamic).

What I want to do is a sort of "polarization" of the system in a certain 
working point (using the non linear magnetostatic simulation), and then 
using the obtained solution (and permeability) to do a "small signal" 
analysis around the polarized point (with, for example, a magnetodynamic 

Any idea if this approach is possible with GetDP? Any hint/suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any reply


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