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The works of Tonti and Bossavit can help you. You can also have a look at
Chapter 1 of Christophe Geuzaine's PhD:


mkoch at gvtc.com wrote:

>Hi All,
>OK, so, I think I have finally gotten it into my thick skull how to  
>transform equations from the easily understood (for me) differential  
>forms into the rather obtuse (for me) variational forms required for  
>GetDP. BUT, I am still facing a mountain of hurdles in terms of  
>Currently, I am puzzled by the Form0, Form1 and Form2 FunctionSpace,  
>when there is also a Scalar and Vetor FunctionSpace available. I can  
>deal with the latter two (they make physical sense to me), but am  
>rather clueless as to what the former three are supposed to be, even  
>though I dutifully copy them for sample problems. In addition there is  
>Form1P and such.
>Furthermore, people tend to use terms like "Dof(d a)" in Formulations,  
>rather than "Dof(Curl a)" or "Dof(Div a)", which would make a lot more  
>sense to me. Does the use of either depend on which FormX or Vector or  
>Scalar I chose? If so, how? Also, in scalar problems (heat  
>conduction), I believe one does not have to change the FunctionSpace  
>as one goes from 2D to 3D. But for vector problems (at least  
>electro-magnetics), I see Form1P used in 2D and Form1 in 3D. What's up  
>with that?
>Can anybody illuminate?
>Matt Koch, Ph.D., P.E.
>Science & Technology Consultants (SciTeX)
>mattkoch at scitex.us
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