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Fri May 12 15:47:57 CEST 2006

Hi All,

OK, so, I think I have finally gotten it into my thick skull how to  
transform equations from the easily understood (for me) differential  
forms into the rather obtuse (for me) variational forms required for  
GetDP. BUT, I am still facing a mountain of hurdles in terms of  

Currently, I am puzzled by the Form0, Form1 and Form2 FunctionSpace,  
when there is also a Scalar and Vetor FunctionSpace available. I can  
deal with the latter two (they make physical sense to me), but am  
rather clueless as to what the former three are supposed to be, even  
though I dutifully copy them for sample problems. In addition there is  
Form1P and such.

Furthermore, people tend to use terms like "Dof(d a)" in Formulations,  
rather than "Dof(Curl a)" or "Dof(Div a)", which would make a lot more  
sense to me. Does the use of either depend on which FormX or Vector or  
Scalar I chose? If so, how? Also, in scalar problems (heat  
conduction), I believe one does not have to change the FunctionSpace  
as one goes from 2D to 3D. But for vector problems (at least  
electro-magnetics), I see Form1P used in 2D and Form1 in 3D. What's up  
with that?

Can anybody illuminate?


Matt Koch, Ph.D., P.E.
Science & Technology Consultants (SciTeX)
mattkoch at scitex.us

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