[Getdp] Transfer solution as source

sdurand sdurand at cage.ugent.be
Tue Jun 23 14:26:33 CEST 2009

Hello everybody,

I want to use the solution of one Resolution into the second Resolution.
If I combine both Resolutions into one, then I can work with the
ChainedSolution example. However, I only want to solve the first problem
once and use this solution as a source term for the second problem. (I
have to call this second Resolution several times, so it would be costly
to recalculate the first problem every time).

What's the best way to do this? Can I read the .res file of the first
calculation into the second Resolution? Or is there a more direct way to
transfer solutions?

Thank you for any help!

Stephane Durand
Department of Mathematical analysis
Research group of Numerical Functional Analysis and Mathematical
Ghent University

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