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Lars Rindorf Lars.Rindorf at teknologisk.dk
Fri Jun 19 11:09:11 CEST 2009

Dear all

I've been looking a bit in hp-refinement. Is there anyone also looking
into this?

hp-refinement is refinement of the mesh or the polynomial order inside
an element to obtain a more accurate solution. There is an example
called DualFormulations which calculates the same quantity from two
different equations. These quantities are then used to calculate the
error norm (u1-u2,u1-u2). The example also does some adaption from this
error norm in the postprocessing. Having read something about
hp-refinement (Scott and Brenner) I don't quite understand what the
postprocessing does that could not be understood by simply plotting

Does anybody knows who made this example, and is there anyone with an
interest in this topic?

KR, Lars

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