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Kubicek Bernhard Bernhard.Kubicek at arsenal.ac.at
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Thank you very much for your reply.
My initial intention was this:
Having a current distribution, one calculates the magnetic vector potential.
Afterwards, in the post-processing, I would have liked to calculate the difference between the original current and the one obtained by rot rot A, to obtain a local error estimation, e.g. for mesh refinement.
Clearly, this was quite stupid, since a second derivative of a the linear finit element function space is mostly undefined.

Thank you very much again,
Bernhard Kubicek

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It does not make sense to compute the Curl Curl of a quantity obtained 
via the weak formulation of a second order operator. A is in the edge 
element space, Curl A is in a subspace of the face element space but a 
further derivation does not make sense in this framework. Your options are:
1) you do not really need Curl Curl A...
2) you need Curl Curl A "in a weak sense" i.e. in an integral the 
integrand of which is something like w.Curl Curl A where w is some 
(vector) weight factor so that you can integrate by part to obtain 
something like Curl w.Curl A for the integrand...
3) completely change your formulation...
Think about this!

Kubicek Bernhard a écrit :
> Hi!
> Does anyone know how to postprocess a current that is defined by a 
> formulation-calculated magnetic vector potential? I tried
> 1/mu0*{Curl {Curl A}}
> , with A being a BF_Edge, Form 1,
> but getDP complained the line in the preprocessing.
> Thank you, and a nice greetings,
> Bernhard
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