[Getdp] Potential distribution at different frequencies

jimmi Nielsen dtu jim at kemi.dtu.dk
Thu Aug 10 15:39:16 CEST 2006



I am rather new to getdp and the finite element method. But so far i find it to be a very powerful calculation tool and would really like to master it. In this respect I hope you can help. The thing that i am trying to do and have some frustrating problems with is the following: I have a geometry with some different defined dielectric constants and treat it as a first approximation as a electrostatic problem. This I have no problems with. But the thing that I really would like to do is to apply a time varying sinusoidal potential as boundary condition and get out the potential distribution at different frequencies. No matter want I do I end up with the electrostatic solution. The question is therefore how the constraint and resolution parts should look like in order to succeed. 


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Jimmi Ph.d.

Technical University of Denmark       
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