Questions about GetDP and Gmesh

Christophe Geuzaine Christophe.Geuzaine at
Thu Mar 9 13:16:25 CET 2000

Alejandro Angulo wrote:


> But all previously indicated wasn't
> sufficient because I can't solve 1D model (sheet
> wound) and I can't calculate AC-losses in
> some regions of the problem with the postprocessing
> stage of GetDP.
>                                         All previously
> indicated make me write you this e-mail for ask it the
> following questions:
> i)    GetDP -- How I can formulate 1D model in 2D
> problems (see attach archive - .dwg and
> .dxf ACAD14) ?

Hi Alejandro,

I'm afraid it'll be a bit difficult to answer to your question directly
(By the way, I do not have any sofware to deal with autocad or dxf
files). What do you mean exactly by "formulate 1D model in 2D problems"

> ii)   GetDP -- How I can obtain AC-losses in the
> postprocessing stage ?

Isn't defining a quantity like 'rho[]*J[]^2' in the postprocesing field
sufficient ? What kind of formulation do you use to solve your problem ?

> iii)   Gmesh-- How I can mesh 1D geometries in 2D
> geometries (see attach archive) ?

The physical entity mechanism should provide you the flexibility to save
both "2D" and "1D" elements for the same mesh, provided that adequate
elementary geometrical entities are defined.

> iv)  Gmesh-- Is possible that you send me some help
> document of Gmesh ?

A new version is available at No documentation is
available, but the collection of example files should answer most of
the questions. (Not that we don;t distribute the Windows version

My best,

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