Questions about GetDP and Gmesh

Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Tue Mar 7 14:47:30 CET 2000

Mr. Christophe Geuzaine:

                                        My name is
Alejandro Angulo and I'm a terminal student of 
Electric Engineering in Santa María University,
Valparaiso, Chile.  At the present time I'm 
work in my graduate thesis. It consist principally in
a thermal - AC losses of a 20MVA sheet 
wound transformer. Whit the purpose of make this study
of the better form I searched in 
Internet for a Finite Element Software and I found
GetDP and Gmesh programs three 
months ago.  Since then I investigate about Finite
Element methods and models in 
Electromagnetics; I was reading many papers of you (P.
Dular, W. Legros, J. F.Remacle, 
running the demos 
program that appears in the GetDP PDF document.  But
all previously indicated wasn't 
sufficient because I can't solve 1D model (sheet
wound) and I can't calculate AC-losses in 
some regions of the problem with the postprocessing
stage of GetDP.
                                        All previously
indicated make me write you this e-mail for ask it the

following questions:
i)    GetDP -- How I can formulate 1D model in 2D
problems (see attach archive - .dwg and 
.dxf ACAD14) ?
ii)   GetDP -- How I can obtain AC-losses in the
postprocessing stage ?
iii)   Gmesh-- How I can mesh 1D geometries in 2D
geometries (see attach archive) ?
iv)  Gmesh-- Is possible that you send me some help
document of Gmesh ?

                                        Waiting for a
quick response and thank you beforehand

                     Alejandro Angulo C.

-----I'm very interest in learn to use adequately
GetDP and Gmesh, because I want realize 
many aplications of  this area of the Electromagnetism
(GetDP - Gmesh are the most powerful 
software that I have found - I have work with many
-----My english writing is very poor, but my english
reading is so better.
-----Please, send me some demo program explaining the
preceding questions.
-----This e-mail account have a limit of 2,5Mb.  I
have another account without limits and this 
e-mail is : aanguloc at

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