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Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Tue Sep 12 01:33:50 CEST 2000


In these moment I analyzing a NonLinear Time Domain
Problem ( Inrush current in a power transformer ), but
I have had many problems to define a precise value for
the Relaxation Factor of the Nonlinear iteracion. 
Initially, an unitary value is adapted, but as the
saturation of the core increase, the relaxation factor
value should be smaller. But, if I correct this for
high flux density value, the resolution for low values
it worsens (I improve the solution on one hand, but
for other I worsen it) How I could improve this?
Can I solve the problem with variable step algorithms?
Can I define funcional dependence between the
relaxation factor and the field variables ( or
magnetization current for example)? How do I make

Best regards,  Alejandro.

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