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Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Wed Sep 6 04:16:29 CEST 2000


I'm still try to solve my problem of power tranformer
in appropiate form. Now I have found the following
In my transformer, the LV coil is shortcircuit and it
haven't any problem when it's coupling whit circuit
constraint. On the other hand, the HV coil is fed with
nominal current.  The real coil has two conductor in
parallel (473 turns X 2 conductors), but initially I
model it like a single coil with twice number of turns
(946 turns X 1 conductor).  With this formulation
GetDP runs OK, but when I try to formulate the
transformer with two coils in parallel GetDP show me a
Warning "Iterative solver terminated with code =
I send you my new formulation and I request you please
you revise it and indicate me my errors.

Thanks and regards.


PD: - The mesh generate is a 'Coarse Mesh'!!!!!! Does
this bring problems????   
    - Wich is the maximum size of the problem that
GetDP can solve?. I ask you this question , because in
this same problem, when I try to solve it with more
refined mesh, appeared again the message: 'Couldn't Reallocate....'.

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