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Fábio Ruiz Daró vonrho at osite.com.br
Wed Mar 28 15:35:15 CEST 2012

Dear sirs


I am a researcher of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at University of Sao

We intend to analyze a finite element model of a human head where several
tissues are segmented in order to solve a quasi-static solution of the brain
submitted to a low frequency magnetic field. We have the mesh, which has
almost three million elementsThe magnetic field will be generated by a coil
with a 2kV and 4Hz input current, and the electric field in the tissues is
our desired output (and the induced currents). We need a pre-processor to
input the ‘contour conditions’. The coil is available both in geometry (stl,
dxf) and FEM, and also the head, but this last one, due to its size, we
think that is better to be input as a mesh (unv, for instance). Is it
possible with any Gmsh option? As must we proceed? Looking forward to
contact you soon


Fabio Ruiz Daro

MD, MSc, PE, BA 

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