[Gmsh] 10 nodes tetrahedron gmsh--->vtk

Nathan BENKEMOUN Nathan.Benkemoun at univ-nantes.fr
Sat Mar 24 22:36:05 CET 2012

Dear all,

I would like to know if you have already noticed that when you create a 10
nodes tetrahedron mesh with GMSH and you save it
in a vtk file format there is a mistake in the vtk element types written
in the .vtk file : instead of having the element type n° 24 which
corresponds to
a 10 nodes tetrahedron we have the element type n° 10 which corresponds to
a 4 nodes tetrahedron. The same thing happens with
the triangle element, we have the vtk element type n° 5 instead of having
the vtk element type n° 22.

If there is something to do to correct it let me know.

Thanks for your help.

Nathan Benkemoun
Assistant Professor
University of Nantes, GeM
Civil Engineering Department

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