[Gmsh] handling stp file (example attached)

Sangpil Yoon kidariyoon at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 23:54:09 CET 2012

Dear Gmsh experts;

previous post was a kind of general question....

here i attached a .STEP and .geo file

i did the following in command line

> gmsh test.geo -2 -format msh -o test.msh

the geometry is pretty simple; a cylinder shape on one side of a box.

you will see duplicate nodes are there.....because there ARE duplicate
lines and points.

did I do something wrong in using .geo file?

Or, do i need to do something before exporting .STEP file?

any comments are welcome.

NOTE: If i do the same thing in the following manner, no duplicate nodes
are found.

1. read .STEP file
2. save it as .geo file
3. add one line 'Coherence' at the end of .geo file
4. do mesh

i strongly believe I am not properly using .geo file or command.....
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