[Gmsh] Mesh generation question

David Colignon David.Colignon at ulg.ac.be
Thu Jun 4 08:04:41 CEST 2009

Hi Matt,

have you had a look at http://geuz.org/gmsh/doc/texinfo/gmsh-full.html#SEC42 and 
http://geuz.org/gmsh/doc/texinfo/gmsh-full.html#SEC64 ?

In the MSH file format (see section 9. File formats), if physical entities are defined, the output mesh only contains 
those elements that belong to physical entities.



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Matt Salveson wrote:
> Thank you for a great academic tool.
> When GMSH creates a mesh file, it generates "elements" that include 
> points, lines, and surfaces (and volumes in 3D).  My finite element code 
> only needs the surfaces (a 3 node triangle, for example) and the nodes.  
> Is there an easy way to prevent GMSH from generating the line and point 
> elements?  At the moment, I have my finite element code selectively 
> ignoring elements.  I have tried turning off the visibility of the 
> unwanted elements, but they are still saved to the mesh file.
> Thanks,
> Matt Salveson
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