[gl2ps] Python binding for gl2ps.

Marco Bonifazi marcobonifazi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 21:59:58 CEST 2006

You can find here my notes about it.

I translate for you, it is for windows.

   - Download gl2ps from www.geuz.org/*gl2ps*/<http://www.geuz.org/gl2ps/>
   - Download from www.swig.org
   - Create the interface gl2ps.i, you can download
   - Digit Swig command: swig -python gl2ps.i
   - It will create a file gl2ps_wrap.c and a file gl2ps.py, enbody
   gl2ps_wrap.c in sources downloaded of gl2ps, create a project (ad example
   withn Dev C++). This is a Dev project file
   The file gl2ps.py is to be used in your Python project
   - Compile Dev project gl2ps with gl2ps_wrap.c, take the dll and put it
   in %PYTHON_DIR%\Dlls
   - Use gl2ps.py in Python

I think you can use interface file also for linux.

In short words you must to create the library and the Python file which is
not sufficient if alone.

This is a little old version (not last gl2ps, but I remember that only one
line of interface file had to changed using new type of gl2ps that I took
from gl2ps.h), I haven't now the newest, I can take it for you next days.

On 8/21/06, Clovis Goldemberg <clovis at pea.usp.br> wrote:
> Does anyone have a Python 2.4 binding for the new GL2PS version (1.3.1) ?
> It seems that an "gl2ps.pyd" existed in the past for Python2.2. At least
> this is mentioned
> in the 'http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net/pydoc/OpenGL.gl2ps.html' link.
> Thanks.
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