[gl2ps] text size and special characters

Ian Huntsman I.Huntsman at xtra.co.nz
Wed Dec 21 03:20:40 CET 2005

I have just started using gl2ps and find it very useful.  I have had to 
make 2 modifications to allow some of my applications to work.
(i) in gl2psTextOpt rather than specifying fontsize I needed to specify 
font height and font width.  The implication of this is fairly 
straightforward.  A new variable into gl2psTextOpt and in the postscript 
output the "scalefont" is replaced with "makefont" with the matrix 
"[width 0 0 height 0 0]".
(ii) I was held up for a while when I came to print special characters - 
the ones I have found so far are "(", ")" and "\".  If these are present 
in the string to gl2psTextOpt then the postscript output has to be 
modified to place a "\" in front of the character.

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