[Getdp] Thermal Expansion

Andreas Mussgiller andreas.mussgiller at desy.de
Tue Oct 27 10:41:31 CET 2009

Dear getDP users,

here is what I am eventually trying to do with getDP: I have an
assembly of different materials with electronics components and
drains for the heat produced by the components. The thermal part
of my problem is solved and everything works fine here. Thanks
by the way for this nice piece of software.
However, the assembly is put together at e.g. room temperature
but will be operated at much lower temperatures. So, what I also
want to analyze, is the deformation due to the different thermal
expansion coefficients of the components used in the assembly
and the stress on e.g. glue joints etc.

I looked through the mailling list archives and the wiki but could
not find any additional information on how to implement thermal
expansion into a getDP project. Is there an example concerning this
issue somewhere out there?

For the beginning it would be enough to simply model and analyze
the deformation and stress in a strip of bimetal after a change in

Any help is highly appreciated...

Andreas Mussgiller

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