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Hi Zhizhang


I made the scatpar example. This has an input and an output. Have you tried this? The example is with frequency = c*k, where c is the speed of light and k is the free space wavevector. Do you wish to calculate the eigenfrequency?



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hi all,
I'm a new Getdp user, interested in the highfrequency-calculation.


I have seen in the wiki example microwave and s-parameter.


I have modeled some similar examples(2d and 3d) without pml, but i have some questions.


2d: I have a small air strip, Em wave enters from one side, out the other side. but in post processing, I have seen, the wave is still standing, why not forward?


3d: a same air strip but in 3d, Em wave enters from one side, out the other side. but erorr in formulation, i think, the problem is wave-input(on surface), but wave-input should be the same as 2d wave-input.


the example s-parameter in wiki is without frequency. how can i calculat it with frequency?
I have seen this example with another formulation(galakin), can i do with the formulation of example microwave.



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