[Getdp] Solving 3D magnetostatic problem

Stepan Roucka stepan at roucka.eu
Wed Jun 24 17:48:57 CEST 2009

Well, I rewrote the scripts and now it works. I still don't know
where the problem was. I'll probably add this to the wiki,
because 3D magnetostatic computations are quite useful IMO.

However, now I have another problem: Is it possible to
export the resulting vector field to some format readable
by ParaView (vtk?)? If not, are there some conversion scripts?
What format is the best for writing my own conversion utility?

Stepan Roucka

2009/6/19 Stepan Roucka <stepan at roucka.eu>:
> Hello everybody,
> I am trying to solve for magnetic field of two coils
> and two ferromagnetic rings. I adopted config files from
> http://www.geuz.org/pipermail/getdp/2009/001193.html
> to my geometry, but solver gives obviously wrong results with
> message for GMRES:
> GetDP   : Solver    : Generalized Minimum RESidual (GMRES)
> GetDP   :     1  3.1602108e+03  1.0000000e+00
> GetDP   :     2  3.1602108e+03  1.0000000e+00
> GetDP   : Warning   : Iterative solver is facing a break-down
> for CG:
> GetDP   :   998  1.7430613e+16  5.5156487e+12
> GetDP   :   999  1.8376004e+16  5.8148032e+12
> GetDP   : Warning   : Iterative solver has iterated too many times
> there is probably something wrong with my config file, but I can't
> find what. Could somebody please take a look at it? I just
> started learning principles of FEM, so any advice is welcome.
> Thanks in advance
> Stepan Roucka

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