[Getdp] 3D magnetostatic convergence

svhb at telenet.be svhb at telenet.be
Wed Mar 18 13:09:47 CET 2009

hi all,

I have a working description of a magnetostatic 3D problem with B-conforming formulation and around 100.000 tetrahedra in the mesh. My goal is to put 3 systems next to each other to see the neighour influence from one to another electromagnet. This blows the mesh to > 200.000 tetrahedra, and convergence is missing when solving. 

I changed the Nb_Fill value in the solver.par file to 80, but still no luck. What is the maximum that can be used for this parameter? 

Are there other parameters that influence the convergence? 
Is a h-phi formulation better to reach convergence? 


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