[Getdp] Piecewise defined source current density

Ruth V. Sabariego r.sabariego at ulg.ac.be
Fri Feb 20 15:15:38 CET 2009

Hi Wolfgang,
I've slightly modified the support of the basis function for the 
formulation with a 'reference region', that I have also included in your 
problem definition.
It is the new convention. You should be able to get a result now.

Wolfgang Suttrop wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to solve the "Team workshop problem 7" benchmark [H. 
> Tsuboi et al., J. Materials Processing Technology 108 (2001) 237-240]. 
> This is very similar to the 3D magnetodynamic example, except mu_r=1 
> everywhere, the passive conductor is multiply connected (which does 
> not bother me as yet) and the stranded inductor has a racetrack-shaped 
> cross section rather than a circular one. Because of this latter 
> condition I find it convenient to define the source current density 
> piecewise, on straight and curved volumes in the inductor. The 
> calculated (magnetostatic) source field {hs} and source current {d hs} 
> look reasonable to me.
> When trying to preprocess the magnetodynamic problem ("getdp Team7.pro 
> -msh Team7.msh -pre MagDyn_hphi", all files attached), I get an error  
> message:
>   "Error ('MagDyn_hphi_Bob.pro' line 142): Bad correspondance between 
> Group and Entity (#BF 1, #Global 8)".
> This error does not occur, if I give up piecewise definition but 
> define js0 (with circular symmetry, i.e. wrong) on the single inductor 
> domain ("Coil").
> I think I am making a stupid mistake somewhere, but from the 
> (otherwise very nice and helpful) getdp manual and examples I can't 
> quite make out where. Any hint is greatly acknowledged! Thanks in 
> advance ...
> Greetings,
> Wolfgang Suttrop
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