[Getdp] Source in MicroWaveElectricField

Amit.Itagi at seagate.com Amit.Itagi at seagate.com
Thu Oct 19 16:32:55 CEST 2006


I was trying to learn how to do electrodynamics simulation with getdp. As
my starting point, I looked up the 2D MicroWaveElectricField example, in
the library of examples. I am interested in a single frequency simulation.
The source term is a volume source term that oscillates in time at a single
frequency (and all the materials in my simulation space are linear). I
assume that the "MW_e_2D" formulation should be my choice.

 From what I understand, the source term "J_s" in the example is the
equivalent of my source. Where exactly is "J_s" defined ? When I run the
code (as is), it seems that "J_s" is not getting defined and "NxH" is
acting as the effective source.

Also, if my source term is of the form exp(-iky)exp(iwt)  over a region of
space, how would I define it  for this formulation ?



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