[Getdp] Integration over time ?

Thomas Jung Thomas.Jung at iisb.fraunhofer.de
Wed Apr 19 12:03:56 CEST 2006


sorry for bothering again ...

In time domain, I have the magnetic vector potential, and a scalar electric 
potential. I want to compute the time-averaged Lorentz-force 1/T * int (jxB), 
i.e. integrate the cross-product of current and magnetic induction over one 
period. For each time step, I can compute the force as 

Cross[ - sigma[]*(Dt[{a}]+{d v}), {d a} ]

a=magnetic vector potential, v = electric scalar potential

If possible, I would not do that as a post processing, as I would need to 
store every time step then, and are going towards large models.

Could I perhaps somehow declare a vector field F, and compute and sum up the 
values inside the time loop? Maybe using "Evaluate" ?

Was not able to figure that out, thank you very much for any hint !

Thomas Jung

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