[Getdp] Magnetodynamics a-v formulation 3D ?

Gilles Grégoire schaouette at free.fr
Tue Apr 4 21:26:57 CEST 2006

Hello Thomas,

first , as far as I know, the error "Warning   : Iterative solver is facing a 
break-down" is usually something related to a problem in the geometry 
definition. In fact it often means that your geometry file is readable and 
meaningfull for Gmsh, but it doesn't make sense for GetDP.

Therefore, I did have a look at your geometry file "InductionTestBox.geo", and 
also at your Group definition in the file "InductionTestBox.pro".
The Group definition must match the physical entities 
defined in your geometry file.

I see that in the pro file, you write:
      Air = Region[1];
this means that Air is the Group which contains the Physical elements defined 
with the index 1 in the geometry file.
Therefore, if you look in the geometry file, this refers to the two following 
line 288>       Physical Surface (1) = {1,2};
line 314>       Physical Volume (1) = {1};
This means that the group Air will contain the elements of the Physical 
Surface 1, and those of the physical volume 1.
I think this is not what you intend to do, and there is the same problem for 
index 2 and 3.

Moreover, in the pro file, you write:
      OuterBoundary = Region[{101,102,103,104,5,6}];
But you have no Physical regions with index 101, 102, 103, 104.

You have to know that the only thing GetDP knows about the geometry are the 
numbers of the physical entities. These numbers can be considered as names.

GetDP does not know about the other indices you use in the geometry file.

I hope know you can see the difference between Physical and others.

The solution is to allways use different numbers for Physical entities, and 
only refers to the number you use for Physical entities in your *.pro file.

IMaybe you could also begin with a much simpler and smaller geometry, 
just to see if your formulation is good.

I hope you will succeed in making this code work. If you face other problems, 
don't hesitate to post!

Good luck!

Gilles Grégoire

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