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Hi there,

I have seen radiation in GetDP applied to a SINGLE surface in a similar fashion
as convection. That is to say, both transfer heat into the temperature of
"infinity" or "bulk" or "ambient" via effective heat transfer coefficients.

I am interested in radiation BETWEEN the surfaces of TWO bodies, both modeled in
GetDP and both changing temperature as the problem dictates. An additional
complication enters with geometric configuration (or view) factors, which are
typical of radiation. But I think I can handle those as long as I know how to
"access" and "combine" the two surfaces and their temperatures in the
FunctionSpace and the Formulation. Can anybody get me started on such a

I have loosely explored the following two sections of the documentation, but do
not want to waste time on it if it is not the right approach.

5.5.2 High order nodal finite element space
5.5.3 Nodal finite element space with floating potentials


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