[Getdp] help for a 2-D electrostatic problem

Christophe Geuzaine cag32 at case.edu
Thu Feb 2 05:10:46 CET 2006

Yu-Cheng Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to the getDp software. I am trying to use the software to
> compute the capacitance between two metal lines inside layers of
> dielectric materials with different permittivity. My problem is that
> getDp always give "Null right hand side in linear system" warning and
> failed to give a solution. I carefully checked my script and cannot
> figure out what is wrong. I attached the the tar file which include the
> gmsh input as well as getdp input. 
> I really appreciate any help from you to find out what I may have done
> incorrectly. 

The regions where you apply your boundary conditions (M6_left=#401 and 
  M6_right=#402) don't exist in the mesh...

> Thanks you very much in advance.
> Yucheng
> 1/27/2007
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