[Getdp] libgslcblas

Christophe Geuzaine christophe.geuzaine at case.edu
Mon Jan 23 17:15:43 CET 2006

Alan Bromborsky wrote:
> Where do I get the source code for libgslcblas (libgsl is no problem) so 
> that I can compile getdp.  Since I am running on a dual 64 bit system 
> (fedora core 3 - opteron) I need to compile the source.  I have be 
> googling for an hour and I cannot find any link to the libgslcblas 
> souce.  Do any of you know where I can find it?  Thanks!

It should be installed when you compile and install the gsl (it's a 
standard part of the gsl package).

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