[Getdp] histéresis

Christian Geikowsky R. christiangeikowsky at yahoo.es
Thu Jan 12 17:18:43 CET 2006

  Respectable Christophe:
  One more time I need of your help in the utilization of your great software GetDP.
  I need to model the characteristics B-H of a nucleus laminated for a transformer. 
  I would like know, how I can implement the hysteresis effect in the material (starting from the saturation characteristic, for example)
  I can implement me some one model type Vector Preisach. 
  How employs the  family functions dHdB_Jiles[]...
  Which ones are these functions's arguments
  I wait and I thank your answers
  Saludos cordiales,
  Christian Geikowsky R.
  Estudiante de Ingeniería Electrica
  Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María


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