[Getdp] simple 3d electrostatic problem

Michal Hajek hajek1 at karlov.mff.cuni.cz
Mon Jan 2 12:06:57 CET 2006

Hello :)

* Gilles Grégoire (schaouette at free.fr) [060102 11:33]:
> You should therefore try to find the problem in your geometry file.

Thank you a lot! This was indeed the problem. Now I have reworked the
geometry file according to your suggestions and it works like a charm :)

I will spent some more time on it, since I want to test diferent meshing
algorithms (isotropic works).

Also there is a question about defining diferent areas on the sample
volume. For example, if I want to make contact area circular and on the
surface of one of the H-shape "legs". But these questions should be
better asked on gmsh mailing list, though. :)

Best regards

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