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Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Wed Oct 25 03:30:30 CEST 2000

Dear Cristophe:  

I am trying to solve a problem of a transformer in
which I am coupling finite elements with electric
circuits. When I solve this problem for direct methods
- algorithm 11 in solver and very coarse mesh -the
solution is quickly obtained and the results seem to
be quite reasonable, but when I try to solve the
problem through some of the iterative methods
available in GetDP, the algorithm is broken and
appears the message: ' Iterative solver is facing to
break down... '.  I request you that ,please, help me
to look for the solution to this problem (if has it). 
If you have some I document (reference) that helps me
to understand that is passing with the algorithms
sends it to me, please.  I have read information about
several of the iterative methods available in GetDP,
but I don't know how these they work internally in the
program.  For example, how can I change the initial
approach of the problem? , is it possible to solve
problems through direct complex formulation without
having to separate real and imaginary part?, the
formulation a-v that you sent me very time ago works
with non symmetrical matrix, how do I modify the
formulation to be able to have symmetry in this
I attach you the programs that I used to solve the
problem of the transformer so that you take it a look.
I also tell you that I have brought near many students
of the Electricity departament of my University to
GetDP and Gmesh.  They are very satisfied with the
results obtained through this package, but they are
bothered a little in a principle because the Windows
vwrsion of Gmesh that I have doesn't work very well,
but with some patience and my help take out their
models ahead. We have solved several models of
machines, insulators, reactors, etc. Hopes to stay
making this because I find quite pleasant to teach and
because I am a grateful of people as you that place in
the net programs with the characteristics of GetDP and
Gmesh without requesting anything to change.   
Expecting your understanding and patience.  
Regards Alejandro 

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