A little question - Chile

Alejandro Angulo aacusm at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 20:24:36 CEST 2000

Hi Christophe:

I want to ask you a small question: I have taken a
paper of the gentlemen Hedia-Genon-Legros-Nicolet of
the year 1991 (Nov.) titled ' Line Integrals for the
computation of global parameters from 2D eddy current
numerical computations'. In this appears a
axisymmetrical problem in which the Joule losses of a
band winding transformer are calculated by means of a
coupling between FEM-BEM.  The results there given
they are of the order of the 490 [mW] calculated and
498 [mW] measured . Then, like in the paper the
dimensions and the characteristics of the used
materials appear, I solved the problem in GetDP
through the 'a-v formulation', but the results
obtained with a very refined mesh only ascended to the
422 [mW] (the difference is quite big if my interests
is to calculate losses in  power equipment -

THE QUESTION: Is the 'a-v formulation' the most
appropriate for the calculation of Joule losses in
eddy current problems? If I need another formulation,
which would you recommend me? Is possible to formulate
with GetDP some like in the paper (coupled BEM-FEM)?
Waiting your prompt answer    


PD: I attach the model in this message.

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