another getdp problem

Samuel Kvasnica samuel.kvasnica at
Mon Sep 25 13:30:56 CEST 2000

Hi Christophe,

I thought I wouldn't bother you any more with that magnetostatics, but I've encountered some
strange behaviour.
In the problem I've sent you last time, I made some minor changes to geometry - I just divided one
surface, so new one has been created. Well, everything works ok with basic basis functions but if
I add the second coeficient for HBF functions, it converges suddenly very slowly, after ~35000
Before it took ~10000. Is this normal ? Nodes and elements count is not very different (~1%).
Could it be related someway to solver parameters ?

best regards,


P.S. for processing of computed data (smoothing, visualization etc..) I finally

decided to use OpenDX, that's really great and free !

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