another getdp problem

Samuel Kvasnica samuel.kvasnica at
Mon Sep 25 14:17:51 CEST 2000

> Ow, 10000 iterations? I usually apply a preconditionner to converge with

well, it takes something like 15 minutes on my box.

> 100-200 its. So I think you should use a stronger preconditionner (i.e.
> a better approximation of the inverse of the matrix). For example, you
> can select (in the SOLVER.PAR file) an ILUTP preconditioner
> (Preconditioner 2) allow more non-zero elements in the ILU (Nb_Fill
> 100).

YES ! That's it. ILUTP preconditioner and ILU=32. Just 45 Iterations in few seconds, great !
I just wonder why that small change in geometry caused such big difference.

> > decided to use OpenDX, that's really great and free !
> >
> Is it from IBM?

Yes, and since version 4.1.0 it has got quite stable. It is really very flexible. I hate that drag'n
drop'n click
editing but otherwise it is really cool.


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