nice getdp results and some questions

Samuel Kvasnica kvasnica at
Wed Sep 6 13:28:46 CEST 2000

Hi Christophe,

> I use 'Unit[{d a}]'. But you could also write something like
> 'Vector[CompX[{d a}]/Norm[{d a}]], CompY[{d a}]/Norm[{d a}], CompZ[{d
> a}]/Norm[{d a}]]]'.

Aha, fine. But would this work also on points where B is almost 0 ?

> > Btw, could you give me an advice for some good source of material property data - e.g.
> > magnetization curves for standard materials ?
> That is a good question. In fact, we are quite often confronted to the
> same problem, and I don't know any good compilation of such
> characteristics. So we often interpolate on measurement points.

I've decided to do the same 2 days ago. Lot of work but it works.

> > Do you think it's a bug ?
> >
> Could you send me the files in an archive? My mail application made a
> mess with your attached postscript file.

ok, I'm sending everything in a tarball.

best regards,


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