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Sun Aug 27 21:08:48 CEST 2000


You are quite welcome.  My company does compile-on-the-fly
simulations and that is how we chanced upon XMDS.

A set of unique tools with which you might desire to become
acquainted is Python in combination with wxWindows.  Our company
has performed rather extensive evaluations of the language world
and find Python to be a clear winner from many points of view
when designing numerical tools and front-ends.  We use the
Numerical Python extensions (15.3) or CXX or compile-on-the-fly.

The best recommendation I can make is to download and run the
wxPython demo app, which shows off the power available in these
awesome cross-platform tools.

Another tool which might be of interest is O-Matrix, which
exhibits compiled speed performance in an interpreted language.

Kind regards,

Mark Evans
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Sunday, August 27, 2000
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PD> Dear Mark,

PD> thanks for the info about openmath et al. We will probably stick to
PD> our current syntax for a while, at least until enough functionality
PD> is in the beta test version to keep all current users happy. Still,
PD> we'll study this new information!

PD> yours, Peter Drummond.

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