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Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Fri Aug 18 17:35:44 CEST 2000


Thank for your answer, I believe that now I have quite
clear wich is my problem. Apparently, my model needs a
reference for MVP(defined value in some node), wich
allows me to choose one potencial among the infinites
that could be solution.
With regard to Quickfield, we buy this software for
ignorance, because when I began to attach
electromagnetic problems with finite elements my
knowledge about the mathematical models behind the
models they were minimum. Then, I found GetDP in the
Net, I began to deepen more about the theory that
there are behind the problems and I read most of the
publications the ULG has carried out (.. and to wich I
have acces - IEEE ).  This made that I was interested
to learn how to use GetDP in the best possible way,
because with it everything that make it is completely
transparent,not like in the commercial software ,
where all that there behind the 'beautiful screens' is
a great gray colud.
Returnig to my problem, where is it convenient to
define the node reference of the MVP so that gradU
still continues corresponding to voltage per longitude
unit?? (I suposse that if I change de reference, it
change too dA/dt and gradU so that de current
distribution stays equal - current with fixed value).

Thanks for your help and regards.


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