Questions - Valparaíso - Chile

Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Thu Aug 17 17:30:06 CEST 2000


For curiosity I have begun to solve a small
axisymmetric problem that I send you in an attached
file. This correspond a rectangular conductor with
known current, surrounded of a ferromagnetic material
of high permeability (infinite). Initially I forced
one of the boundaries (SurfaceGeO) to have certain
value of MVP (Drichlet Condition// Az=0!!) and the
formulation ran without more problems. Then, I
liberated this condition and I let that all boundaries
of the model fulfill whith homogeneous Neumman
conditions (this is a natural condition for this type
of fomulation//that is to say null normal conmponent
of magnetic field!!) and in thhis case the numeric
solution (default solver) it began to oscillate and it
didn't converge, reaching the maximum number of
iterations. On the other hand, to verify my doubts, I
used a commercial software (QuickField) to run the
same model and in this didn't have bigger problems. 
Cristophe, can you revise this small problem, please,
and to indicate me why it didn't work??

Best regards,


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