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Fri Jun 30 12:01:02 CEST 2000

Samuel Kvasnica wrote:
> Christophe,
> could you help me how to define a correct constraint (Br=0 ?) for cylindrical symetry ?
> If I define 0.0 on axis for vector potential, it is incorrect because of singularities, solution
> is discontinuous. A[0]=lim A[r->0] would be correct.

There is an elegant solution to the problem: you should use a slightly
modified jacobian matrix, namely "VolAxiSqu", instead of "VolAxi". The
idea is to use r^2 as the radial coordinate, instead of r. If you want a
more detailed explanation of this transformation, you can find it in
section 6 of the following paper:

  author =	 "F. Henrotte and B. Meys and H. Hedia and P. Dular
                  and W. Legros",
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