Samuel Kvasnica kvasnica at
Thu Aug 10 10:57:41 CEST 2000

> If you just want a smooth solution on a curve (I suppose it is the one
> on the symmetry axis), you can use gnuplot. I use it regularly to
> present smoothed results (when I _know_ that due to the approximation
> spaces my criterion on accuracy is fullfiled, and that the audience
> really wants to see smooth curves...). Given a file 'test' containing my
> data, I use something like

Well, the problem is I want to smooth whole 2D data, not just a curve. I was looking at
just to get an impression about the convergence and smoothness, but otherwise I use whole
512x512 data grid as a boundary condition to feed MonteCarlo-PIC simulation. Too big noise
causes local electron heating. Is there also some filter for 2D data ?

best regards,