Questions - Valparaíso - Chile

Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Tue Aug 8 04:01:08 CEST 2000


I carried out the modifications that you indicated me
and the results in the thermal problem improved
But now, that can already solve magnetic an thermal
problem in independent form, I need to couple them.
For it, as I indicated you in a past e-mail, I am
using like reference the paper 'Arrangement of phases
and heating constraints in a busbar'. Of this I
obtained all the necessary information to formulate
the problem in a appropiate form, but the result that
until the moment I obtain they are not satisfactory
(GetDP reaches the maximum iterations without
Again I request you to revise the program that I send
you and indicate me, please, wich they are the errors
that this possesses.
Apparently, the problem that is presented is that the
thermal problem is worked with Complex numbers and
this is not correct (I see this in the post processing
file 'Temp.pos'). In a past e-mail you indicate me
that Joule losses term in the magneto-thermal
formulation must have a <a> operator ¿why appears only
this term if {ur} also is a Complex Number?¿Must have
a <ur> operator?¿Where? 



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