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Alejandro Angulo aacusm at
Wed Jul 26 21:09:24 CEST 2000


I find the information thts you sent me extremely
useful (in my formulation, the only thing that it
lacked was to add the terms <T> and <a> // which is
the function of the symbol <> in GetDP ????), but do I
need to include in my formulation convection and
Apparently, my problem here has relationship with the
definition of the integral on the boundary of the
studied domain; for example, at the moment, I have
defined in the following way the integral associated
to the convection condition:

Galerkin { [ hc * (Dof{T}-Ta) , {T} ]; In Frontera_2D
Jacobian Jac ; Integration Int ; }

Please, could you send me information in this respect
and to indicate me the problems of my current
formulation??. The parameters 'Jacobian' and
'Integration' should be defined in a special way or
are the same ones used in the rest of the

On the other and, I also need to define connetions
among conductors inisde my model. How I carry out this
connections (series or parallel)?? , If my interest is
to analyze transformers, will it be very complicated
to define the problem due to the great quantity of
involved conductors???

NOTE: I already have the geometry en the triangulation
of the problem carry out in Gmesh!!! 

Best regards, Alejandro

Sorry if the e-mail arrives you twice, but I have some
problems when I sent it to you  

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