permanent magnets with GetDP

Samuel Kvasnica kvasnica at
Fri Jun 30 14:00:08 CEST 2000

> I think the example on the web site deals with such a problem in the
> linear case, by imposing the coercitive field hc directly in the volumic

Oh yes, I found it just after I succeeded to do it myself... I used rather
Br then Hc because Br is usually given for permanent magnets but I did it
in exactly same way. The main problem for me was to understand the Galerking
formulation. That part of manual should be a little bit enhanced. If I understood it
correctly, all Galerkin {} terms are summed together on LHS to create an equation
which is equal 0 and that 2 parameters of Galerkin create some scalar product, so
if there's an operator in 2nd term, it is applied to 1st term before putting it into
Is that approximately correct ?
Another tough one is that 'exterior' derivative. Is that same as rot, grad, div with only
exception that it automatically decides what to do depending if there's a 0-form, 1-form
... or
is there really some difference how it is calculated ?

Best regards and many thanks for help


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