GetDP and magnetic hysteresis

David M. Clatterbuck clatterb at
Wed May 10 00:44:51 CEST 2000

Dear Patrick Dular and Christophe Geuzaine:

I'm a relative beginner in the field of FEM, and I've begun to work with your
GetDP program for solving problems in magnetostatics. I've found it very
as a way to learn FEM. Ultimately I would like to create a quasi-static model
for my research which incorporates non-linear hysteresis. I've read a paper
written by members of your research group published in IEEE Transactions on
Magnetics (vol. 28, p. 2614) which discusses this problem. As my research
interest lies in the end results of the FEM calculations rather than in
development of FEM tools, I was wondering if you could provide some
I am wondering whether it would be possible to incorporate the approach
discussed in the above paper into a GetDP problem? Has your group incorporated
magnetic hysteresis into a GetDP problem? If so, would you be willing to share
that code as you have done with other simpler problems? If so, your work would
be acknowledged and referenced in any publications that resulted, helping to
get the word out about your research. If you have not worked on hysteresis in
the GetDP environment, do you have any suggestions for doing that, such as how
to record “past histories” and how to perform incremental loading and

David Clatterbuck
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
University of California, Berkeley