Entries for gmsh and GetDP for IFER

Ian MacPhedran Ian_MacPhedran at young.usask.ca
Thu Apr 20 02:25:01 CEST 2000

Hello Christophe;

Dr. Young and I maintain a list of finite element resources on the 
internet at http://www.engr.usask.ca/~macphed/finite/fe_resources/
and we would like to know if we could include links to gmsh and GetDP, as
shown below:

In Mesh Generators:

\paragraph{\bf gmsh\label{MG:gmsh}}
\item[{\it Description}:]  Gmsh is a 3D meshing program. Line, surface and
volume meshing are available, using lines, triangles and tetrahedra.
\item[{\it Authors}:] \htmladdnormallink{Christophe Geuzaine}
{mailto:Christophe.Geuzaine at ulg.ac.be} and
\htmladdnormallink{Jean-Fran\,cois Remacle}{mailto:Remacle at scorec.rpi.edu}
\item[{\it Platforms}:] Several UNIX systems, including Linux, Solaris,
Tru64, AIX, HPUX, and IRIX.
\item[{\it Availability}:] Via the web page at
\item[{\it Notes}:] Binary only distribution, no source code included.
Requires Motif and OpenGL libraries. Also does post processing of scalar
or vector fields.
See also \htmlref{GetDP}{SW:GetDP}.

In "SHAREWARE or no source code":

\paragraph{\bf GetDP\label{SW:GetDP}}
\item[{\it Description}:] GetDP is software for the numerical solution of
integro-differential equations, using finite element and integral methods.
\item[{\it Authors}:] \htmladdnormallink{Christophe Geuzaine}
{mailto:Christophe.Geuzaine at ulg.ac.be} and \htmladdnormallink{P. Dular}
{mailto:dular at grucad.ufsc.br}.
\item[{\it Availability}:] Binary distributions are freely available via
the web, from the page at
\item[{\it Platforms}:] MS Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Tru64,
\item[{\it Notes}:] If you use GetDP, mention it in the publications on
your work. Documentation available through the web. See also

Would this be acceptable to you?

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