[Getdp-announce] New GetDP release: 0.89

Christophe Geuzaine geuzaine at acm.caltech.edu
Wed Mar 26 01:59:10 CET 2003


GetDP 0.89 is out. This release fixes all the issues discovered since
version 0.86:

0.89: Code cleanup;

0.88: Integrated FMM code;

0.87: Fixed major performance problem on Windows (matrix assembly
and post-processing can be up to 3-4 times faster with 0.87 compared to
0.86, bringing performance much closer to Unix versions); fixed stack
overflow on Mac OS X; Re-introduced face basis functions mistakenly
removed in 0.86; Fixed post-processing bug with pyramidal basis
functions; New build system based on autoconf;

Download, comments, etc.: http://www.geuz.org/getdp/


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